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Gastroenterology & Nutrition, P.C. is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 6 ratings.

The best doctor I went to for my problem!! He is very knowledgeable!!


Dr Israel is a very professional and nice person. The clinic functions well . The appointment is given within a short period of time. The wait is short, the clerks are nice and helpful, the procedures done in a comfortable and well equipped rooms. Overall the experience was pleasant. Finding good clinics isn’t easy and I’m gladly recommending this one.


Dr Davidoff is just truly awesome!!!!!. He explains everything to you, and finds the best treatment for your situation. His assistants are truly helpful as well. Words can’t explain how amazing of a human being every is at the place. Love them!


Very professional doctor was able to make a diagnosis just after listening to the symptoms, so the test just approved it. All staff are very polite and accurate. Highly recommend


Very professional doctor I have ever seen, a clean office and the reception girls were very nice to every patient


Dr. Israel is a very dedicated and compassionate doctor. I am very happy to have found him and highly recommend him.



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